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Transfer World Security is a provider of premium logistics services and the leading global specialty supplier of transportation, storage and distribution services for multinational.As such, Transfer World Security offers a truly unique business model that combines the scale and reach of an extensive company-owned global network with the flexibility and quality control of a local market specialist.

Sending parcels to USA, UK and Asian continents or any part of the world is never been so easy. Transfer World Security it now became a matter a single call. Our door to door International courier and logistics service will take care of the rest. We are expanding our presence in most of the major and minor cities and towns in India employing expert staff in our state-of the art offices providing hi-tech facilities across the world. We can handle our work independently and promptly because of our excellent transportation facilities.

Being one of the largest international courier companies in Malaysia, we have most flexible cut-off timings and highly competitive delivery time targets and rates.With extremely committed, efficient and dedicated human labour back up right from acceptance until actual delivery with our offices function round the clock. Our international tie-ups provide you with value added services. The fact that our customers have long-term business relationship with us demonstrates best that the service provided is good.

Transfer World Security is committed to providing best customer experience. We are passionate about sustainably connecting people and places and improving the quality of life around the world, and building long term customer relations.Transfer World Security is also employed by the broader healthcare, aircraft, automotive, industrial, and technology industries, where urgent delivery of mission-critical components and sophisticated handling capabilities are required.Transfer World Security’s customers have full confidence that mission-critical materials will reach their destination in perfect condition and on-time, anywhere in the world.Transfer World Security has today successfully emerged as an international air cargo giant leaping into the new millennium. In this highly competitive scenario, we are the most credible and trusted providers of import couriers, Export Courier, Air cargo and Custom Clearance Services