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Volumetric Weight Calculator:

The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.

…..So what is the Volumetric Weight????

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

How It Is Beneficial?

In line with today's advanced aircraft design and technology, it is necessary for us to adapt a new computation in order to make efficient use of cargo space and to avoid over-bulking. By doing so, we can better streamline our operations and in the process, deliver the benefits of space saving back to our customers.

This initiative will also encourage shippers to improve packaging efficiency by using more compact and environmental-friendly packaging, thus reducing shipment volume and resulting in reduced shipping costs.

The Formula is:

Length * Height * Width / 6000

Use the Calculator tool to determine the volumetric weight of your shipment.